UMMA/UMSA pledges support for NMMA’s legislative agenda

ST. LOUIS – National Marine Manufacturers Association President Thom Dammrich addressed both the United Marine Manufacturers Association and the United Marine Suppliers Association during separate sessions at the UMMA/UMSA Partnership Conference in St. Louis this weekend.

He used the opportunity to seek the support of the UMMA and UMSA organizations for NMMA’s government initiatives, while explaining its certification program and efforts to unite the industry through its “Go Boating” initiative.

UMMA/UMSA President Kent Wooldridge expressed his support for NMMA and recognized Dammrich’s leadership on a variety of industry issues.

“It is extremely important that the UMMA and UMSA companies support NMMA’s efforts to control the infringement of government upon all of our businesses,” Wooldridge said. “I encourage all of you to support and attend their Washington legislative conference in May.”

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