SeaStrike Boats doubles its warranty

MIAMI – SeaStrike Boats will double its current five-year limited hull warranty to 10 years and is making it transferable to another owner for the first five years from date of delivery, starting with all 2005 models, the company said in a statement today.

“We’re confident enough of our designs and manufacturing processes that we believe our hulls will more than stand up to the 10-year warranty,” said Tom Thies, who along with his brother Bill, purchased the SeaStrike in February. “By making the warranty transferable for the first five years, it shows everyone that we’re building a boat line that has excellent resale value. And frankly, we hope that consumers who buy one of our 18-24 ft. models will be so enamored with SeaStrike quality that in a few years they will want to move up to the 30+-foot boats we’re planning on building.”

As part of the new SeaStrike, a new logo, the first in many years, is being introduced and will soon be added on to all models. It features a bold layered look in blue and green and a bolt of SeaStrike running through it vertically, the company said in its press release.

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