Recruitment made easier for marine industry

EDGEWATER, Md. – A virtual matchmaker in the form of a job posting that makes recruitment easier for the marine industry has been added to the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology’s Web site,, the school said in a recent release.

This free service is provided for Westlawn students and for the marine industry, and serves to match highly trained students with dynamic employers. Firms with positions in design, management, production, purchasing, or any other aspect of the marine industry are invited to post these open positions on, and can e-mail with their job listings.

“This service is unlike any other in the marine industry,” said Dave Gerr, director of Westlawn. “Westlawn students are among the most dedicated and self disciplined anywhere. In fact, since our students span the globe, the internet is the next natural frontier for our industry, and we wanted to get there in time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our school. If you have a job opening, Westlawn would like to help you fill it.”

Westlawn has developed a variety of course offerings to meet the emerging needs of the marine industry. The various course offerings are:

– Professional Diploma In Yacht & Small-Craft Design
Module 1: Principles of Yacht Design
Module 2: Aesthetics/Utilization of Design
Module 3: Construction Methods
Module 4: Systems and Equipment.

– Yacht Design Lite
A comprehensive review of yacht design principles for industry executives, marine surveyors, and other industry professionals.

– Interior Design Methods For Yacht Design And The Boatbuilding Industry
An extensive continuing-education course on interior design for the boating industry.

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