New dealer law to benefit consumers?

OAK PARK, Ill. – Marine Retailers Association of America President Phil Keeter has heartily endorsed legislation recently passed in Missouri that enacts a series of protections for marine dealers in that state.

In an interview today, Keeter said the new law, which was signed by Missouri’s governor, will make dealers more secure and more stable, allowing them to offer better products and services to consumers.

Among its provisions, the new law says manufacturers must give dealers advance notice, in writing, before canceling a contract. It also helps delineate the process for succession of a business from one family member to another, according to MRAA.

“This protects the dealer’s investment like never before,” Keeter said. “The dealers in Missouri have been working on this law for the last 10 to 12 years, but they’ve always been thwarted by the manufacturers. I’m pleased to see they got together and did it.”

With the passage of the new law, Missouri becomes one of the few states in the country to offer these sorts of protections to marine dealers, according to Keeter. Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana now have similar protections in place, while the state of New York is currently considering a bill very much like the one Missouri just adopted.

“The consumer gets a better shake with every one of these that are enacted,” Keeter said. “The dealer is now a secure business man, and he’s going to do everything he can for the consumer. He knows he’s going to get paid to do a warranty repair rather than having to eat half the cost himself.”

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