Chaparral begins using new EPA-approved resins

NASHVILLE, Ga. – Faced with new federal emissions requirements for boat manufacturing, Chaparral Boats has begun using new low-hazardous air pollutants resins and technical support from its long-standing resin supplier AOC, Chaparral said in a recent press release.

The new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rule requires boat builders to lower emissions of pollutants by using (MACT) Maximum Achievable Control Technologies standards. Chaparral’s compliance strategy included using AOC resins made with lower amounts of styrene, an EPA-classified pollutant, the company said.

“AOC moved us rapidly to a MACT-compliant resin status without issue,” said Buck Pegg, vice-president of Chaparral. “I have had personal experience with AOC products for over thirty years. Their low-HAP resins are just as consistent and reliable as their traditional products.”

MACT-Compliant Resins

Chaparral uses Hydropel H034-A MACT-compliant vinyl ester from AOC as a skin coat to provide resistance to osmotic blistering. Pegg said there have been no resin hull blister issues since moving to Hydropel H034. Because of Hydropel H034’s high strength and toughness, the skin coat resin also strengthens the overall laminate’s resistance to cracking.

Behind the skin coat, Chaparral applies a laminate of fiberglass in Altek H834-R MACT-compliant low profile resin. Even with reduced styrene levels, the resin is engineered to provide fast and complete fiber wet-out, according to AOC. Altek H834-R resin combines a fast cure rate, reduced post-cure and a high heat deflection temperature to deliver higher production rates with a superior surface profile, the company said.

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