Epco holds price structure despite increasing steel costs

PROSSER, Wash. – Despite a 70-percent increase in the cost of steel overseas, Epco – a U.S. manufacturer of tie-downs and wakeboard towers and accessories – plans to hold its current pricing structure as long as possible, the company said in a press release Wednesday.

It warned, however, that costs may soon have to be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher retail prices. The price of coke, a coal product used to fuel the furnaces that produce steel, has also gone up, creating an out-of-pocket expense for manufacturers. Copper, resin, plastics and gelcoat have also seen price increases, Epco said.

“We’ve been producing quality, American-made products for four decades and we don’t plan on stopping” said John Risk, Epco’s vice president. “Our company is solid, and while we can’t hold out forever, we will try to hold our pricing steady for as long as possible.”

Epco produces 55 different models of tie-downs, including transom, gunwale and PWC – all of which utilize stainless steel hooks or other components. Its wakeboard towers and racks are made of powder-coated aluminum.

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