Atlantic Meeco installs wave attenuators for Las Vegas Boat Harbor

MCALESTER, Okla. – Dock system designer and manufacturer Atlantic-Meeco Inc., has added a 50-ft. wide attenuator and a 1,030-ft. floating dock system with an attenuator at the Las Vegas Boat Harbor on Lake Mead, which was recently forced to move its location, the company said in a recent release.

The lowest water levels on the lake in over 40 years caused the move, but the new location was susceptible to large waves, which were proving too much for the marina to handle. Atlantic-Meeco conducted a comprehensive wind and wave study, and determined that during storm conditions, the marina could be assailed by waves in excess of 6 feet, according to the release.

To combat this, a 50-ft. wide floating-wave wall, made of large rubber tractor tires, was constructed. It is able to withstand waves up to 8-ft. tall and protects the entire width of the marina, Atlantic-Meeco said.

The second line of defense, hinged to the bottom of the 1,030-ft. dock, is a swinging concrete slab attenuator. It extends 5 feet below the surface of the water and protects boats moored on the other side by reducing the remaining forward energy of the waves.

“We have had a great rapport with Atlantic-Meeco over the years. The majority of the docks we use were built by them,” said marina owner Bob Grippentog. “We’ve always been pleased with the work they’ve done for us and didn’t hesitate to call them with this project.”

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