Genmar responds to lack of model year support

MINNEAPOLIS – Genmar’s plan to move back the release dates for its 2005 models has ended, and earlier release dates for each of the company’s brands will be revealed over the next few days, according to a letter from Genmar president Irwin L. Jacobs to the boat builder’s dealers this morning.

Jacobs said Genmar had “no other choice” but to unveil its models earlier than the planned Aug. 1 introduction because other manufacturers and dealers were not onboard with its efforts to move back release dates to later in the year.

“In order for this major industry change to be successful for both now and in the future, it was going to be absolutely necessary that not only Genmar’s dealers support this effort but that several, if not a majority, of the other boat manufacturers and their dealers support such change in order that Genmar’s dealers not end up with a potential selling disadvantage,” Jacobs said. “Common knowledge among the industry is clear; the other boat manufacturers and, for that matter, the majority of the dealers, including a very substantial portion of our Genmar dealers, are not planning on supporting the change for the 2005 model year.”

Jacobs said Genmar’s 2005 model year introductions would be consistent with past practices so that dealers “do not lose any market share by waiting until August to sell and promote 2005 product.”

But Jacobs’ letter reiterated Genmar’s continued desire for early fall, rather than summer, model year introductions.

“We are not in any way giving up or reducing our efforts to attempt to make change,” Jacobs said. “However, it is impossible for us to go this alone without the necessary support of the industry and our dealers. Hopefully over time, in our collective efforts within the industry, we can accomplish this.”

Genmar’s September “All-Family” dealer meeting in Las Vegas will be held as scheduled, according to the letter.

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