Fuel-cell boats coming soon?

TORONTO – Hydrogenics Corp. has secured a contract to supply a fuel cell power module to HaveBlue, a California company engaged in the development and licensing of hydrogen-based technology for marine applications, the designer and manufacturer of hydrogen and fuel cell systems reported in a release today.

Hydrogenics 10-kilowatt HyPM 10 will be a key component of a regenerative fuel-cell system that will propel HaveBlue’s 42-foot demonstrator Catalina sailing yacht, in addition to providing power for on-board energy needs, such as lights, navigation and galley appliances, the company said.

“We are very excited to be a participant in HaveBlue’s unique demonstration of regenerative fuel cell technology,” said Pierre Rivard, Hydrogenics president and CEO. “HaveBlue has a vision of the potential and the far-reaching benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and is also intent on putting the technology to work in real situations that will pave the way to commercialization.”

Rivard said he was confident the demonstration would reinforce his company’s belief that fuel-cell technology offers “compelling value propositions for certain segments of the marine industry.”

“Our plans to offer a ‘limited edition’ fuel cell powered yacht in 2005 represents one of the few retail sales opportunities in the hydrogen industry today,” said Craig Schmitman, president and CEO of HaveBlue. “In our selection process it was important to us that our fuel-cell supplier would be in a manufacturing-ready position to meet the demand for our first customers.”

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