Bombardier reassures dealers

STURTEVANT, Wis. – Bombardier Recreational Products reaffirmed its intent to focus on building outboard engines, and continue to “support the dealer network,” in a special edition of its newsletter The Real Deal.

In an open letter to dealers from Roch Lambert, company executive vice president, product development, sales and marketing for North America, Bombardier said it has struck a deal with Brunswick through June of 2004. And BRP is “involved in ongoing discussions with Brunswick Industries for a longer-term agreement to allow Bombardier’s dealers to continue selling the brands that have made their dealerships what they are today.”

That news comes in the wake of Genmar’s recent sale of its Lund, Lowe and Crestliner aluminum boat brands to Brunswick.

“We’ve already told you that we intend to focus on building outboard engines, and we backed our position two years ago by selling the only outboard powered boat brand that we had – Fish Hawk,” Lambert said in the letter. “That decision was recommended by our boat-building partners, who clearly voiced they were hoping to have an engine builder that would not compete with them in the network.

“We’ve been in communication with Brunswick, and we’ve made an agreement with them to ensure dealers’ orders are honored through June 2004. Our position in the deal between Brunswick and Genmar is largely influenced by our intent to support the dealer network. We understand the equity that the Lund, Crestliner and Lowe dealers have built in their marketplace.”

Lambert went on to say that Bombardier could help dealers who may decide to evaluate other boat brands or add additional lines to their showrooms.

“We’re more than happy to help you establish a contact with (other) high quality brands, if you choose,” Lambert said. “Our intent is to offer the dealer network complete decision-making flexibility that makes the most sense for their business.”

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