Trophy Fishing Boats teams up with Mark and Manny

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Trophy Fishing Boats has formed a new partnership with Mark and Manny, a duo of “free divers” whose adventures recently have been featured on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and MTV, the company said in a statement today.

Trophy recently presented Mark and Manny with a Trophy 2503 Center Console, describing the two divers as pioneers in animal behavior and interaction who have gained particular notoriety for their adventures with sharks and alligators.

“Mark and Manny are introducing America to a new kind of on-the-water action,” said Dave Taylor, senior vice president for sales and marketing for Trophy. “Trophy is known for its ride, range and durability – and these are all critical factors for these guys in getting to and back from their adventures safely.”

Mark and Manny will be using their new 2503 on numerous excursions they plan to take and film in 2004. They anticipate that the footage will then be used by various media outlets, including some of their previous partners, such as the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

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