TowBoatU.S. opens its first port in Louisiana

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – TowBoatU.S., will open its first port in the state of Louisiana, located on the west end of Lake Ponchartrain, owned by Steve and Suzie Case and called TowBoatU.S. New Orleans, the company said in a press release today.

Steve Case, a USCG licensed captain, formerly with TowBoatU.S. Big Pine, Fla., and Smith Point, Va., will operate two red towboats with the distinctive white bow stripe and “TowBoatU.S.” lettering along the side. The vessels have a full compliment of towing and salvage equipment, including extra fuel, pumps, airbags and battery jumper cables to handle every breakdown from running aground to running out of fuel, TowBoatU.S. said.

“This is a shallow lake that can whip up in hurry, so you don’t want to get caught with engine problems,” said Case. “Our location will help us respond quickly to calls for assistance and get boaters home safely.”

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