Westerbeke says new generators slash emissions

TAUNTON, Mass. – Citing carbon monoxide poisoning of recreational boaters as “a serious and growing problem,” Westerbeke Corporation today introduced a new line of gasoline-fueled generators which, the company says, for the first time reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions to a safe level.

Westerbeke’s “Safe-CO” generators, which will be exhibited at the 2004 Miami International Boat Show, eliminate more than 99 percent of life-threatening gases compared with typical carbureted and conventional EFI (electronically fuel-injected) generators, the company said.

There are nine Safe-CO models, based on 2-, 3-, and 4-cylinder engines, and Westerbeke says each uses a combination of innovative engineering (patents pending) and electronic fuel injection to reduce CO emissions.

“Westerbeke feels that recreational boating should be made especially safe and has taken the position that the boating public should insist on the lowest obtainable CO emissions limits,” the company’s press release said. “Westerbeke’s Safe-CO Series generators demonstrate that boating can be made safer: carbon monoxide poisoning need not be a boating statistic from now on.”

The press release said the danger from CO gas, often called “the silent killer,” has historically not been widely discussed in boating circles, and some news reports have erroneously indicated that the danger is only in freshwater houseboating, the release went on to say. But lately, the scope of the danger has been demonstrated among powerboats in general and on saltwater as well.

Westerbeke said it clearly saw that CO exposure had become both a serious health issue for boaters and an environmental concern, so it decided that its new generators would meet the strictest of standards.

The company developed its new Safe- CO Series of generators with a target of 99 percent or better reduction in CO emissions. And Westerbeke says its generators meet that target and comply with many of the most stringent restrictions proposed by environmental groups and government agencies.

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