Future of Mexico’s Nautical Staircase in question

SANTA ROSALILLITA, Mexico – The future of a $1.3-billion proposal by the Mexican government to build 27 marinas along Mexico’s Baja peninsula remains in question years after President Vicente Fox first began promoting it, according to a Saturday report by the Associated Press (AP).

Only half of one of the 27 marinas has been built, largely due to environmental concerns, the AP reported.

While the plan was first delayed as the Mexican government’s tourist agency, FONATUR, put together an environmental impact study, the impact study has since been approved. However, the AP reported that now a separate environmental study must be completed at each potential marina’s building site.

Given the delays, the entire project’s future remains dubious, according to the AP, largely because Fox, who is its biggest supporter, has only three years left in his term. Environmentalists told AP that is not nearly enough time to complete even the first phase of the project, which involves refurbishing five marinas and building 11 new facilities.

The study was originally scheduled to be completed in 2016, but with the delays FONATUR’s project director now says it may be more like 2030, according to the article. That is, if it’s completed at all.

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