TrawlerCat looking to move to Florida

NOVA SCOTIA, Canada – Canadian boat builder TrawlerCat Marine Inc. is urgently looking to set up its own construction facility in Florida following a disastrous attempt to build its range of power catamarans in China, the company reported in a recent statement.

“I’ve had enough of working in third world countries,” said Capt. Graham Pfister, the president of TrawlerCat Marine. “I had to reject the first four boats and held back the deposit on a fifth contract we were holding. Right now we have even more boats to build and are looking to purchase our own waterfront facility or an existing boat builder and we consider Florida to be the ideal area for us.”

Pfister said the company has named 2004 “The Year of the Cat” as it is predicting that power catamarans “will finally come of age in North America in 2004.”

Previously, the company has subcontracted its construction but Pfister said, “… our experience has taught us that we must now become the masters of our own destiny and build our own boats.”

TrawlerCat has sold a 20-percent interest in the company and this has produced the funds it needs to expand its design and marketing operation into construction, according to the company.

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