Xantic and GMPCS sign agreement

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Satcom provider Xantic has signed an agreement with GMPCS Communications Inc. for the delivery of various enhanced services in the United States and beyond, it reported in a recent statement.

GMPCS Personal Communications Inc. is a provider of global mobile personal communications by satellite based in Pompano Beach, Fla., and founded in 1996.

Under the terms of the new agreement, GMPCS will play a leading role in hosting Xantic’s Regional BGAN service in North America. GMPCS will deliver this service to companies and organizations with an international network, especially those working in the Middle East and North Africa. This move also represents a strategic step towards the future, when the BGAN service will become available.

“This agreement demonstrates our commitment to expanding Xantic’s presence in the United States via strategic partnerships,” affirmed Folef Hooft Graafland, Xantic International Sales manager for the United States. “Cooperating with a company of the stature of GMPCS Inc. in a growing market for Regional BGAN (and in the future for BGAN) is an important step towards Xantic’s expansion goals.”

In a further development, this month will see GMPCS start delivery of its own messaging service called GMPCS Speed Mail. The high-speed service will be powered by Xantic’s advanced AMOS software technology. It works with Globalstar, Iridium and Inmarsat services, and is targeted for use by the handheld and yachting segments.

“GMPCS is very pleased with Xantic’s willingness to work closely with us in developing these service offerings, which are intended to improve the level and scope of services to our customers,” commented GMPCS president Craig Van Wagner. “The Regional BGAN service utilizes the strength of GMPCS’s logistic group to insure an uninterrupted supply to this growing market, while feedback from customers testing GMPCS Speed Mail has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Regional BGAN is a high-speed data service via satellite using 144 kbit/s shared channels. It provides continuity of normal working environment beyond the reach of terrestrial fixed and mobile communication infrastructures, according to Xantic. Regional BGAN from Xantic offers e-mail, file transfer, digital image transfer, high-speed internet access, VPN connectivity, instant remote access, database queries, remote IT support, Store & Forward Video and E-commerce.

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