BoatTEST receives sponsorship for 2004 TV series

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Mercury’s MerCruiser division, Suzuki Marine, and BoatU.S. magazine will be BoatTEST Publishing’s major sponsors for its 2004 TV series “BoatTEST REPORTS,” the company announced at the Fort Lauderdale show, according to a statement Tuesday.

“Both MerCruiser and Suzuki have been exclusive sponsors of our TV series since its debut back in 1996, and we are thrilled to welcome them back in 2004. We are also happy to welcome BoatU.S. magazine as well.” said BoatTEST publisher and producer Chris Kelly.

For 2004 the TV series will have a slightly different approach. “Years ago, the instructional engine segments we produced with MerCruiser and Suzuki were more generic in nature,” said Kelly. “But now, thanks to the on-demand availability of streaming/downloadable videos online and distribution on CDs and DVDs, the new segments will be very much engine-specific owner’s manuals, where manufacturer’s experts take us on guided video tours of each engine.”

The video owner’s manuals are also very helpful for boat and engine buyers during the decision-making process, since they can see first-hand the features and benefits of each engine in addition to information on engine maintenance. links these engine-specific videos to all boat tests when the engine is listed as standard or optional power on a test boat, which is helpful for the consumer trying to decide which power option to choose, according to the company.

The TV series debuts December 28, and will air three times per week for 13 weeks on The Outdoor Channel. In addition, a second series of 13 shows will air throughout Q4 2004, the company reported.

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