Bellingham Marine aids in marina’s expansion

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — The Greenwich Bay Marina in Warwick, R.I., recently completed the installation of a Unifloat wave attenuator and a Unifloat dock system, built by Bellingham Marine’s Northeast Division, the company reported yesterday.

In addition to other extensive improvements to the marina, Bellingham Marine’s Northeast Division coordinated the design and built the 21,961-square foot Unifloat concrete floating wave attenuator.

The system provides wave protection for the marina’s expansion, which extended beyond the existing rubble-mound breakwater and wooden wave fence system and set the marina’s perimeter limits, according to the company.

The wave attenuator was specifically designed for Greenwich Bay Marina’s site conditions regarding wind, wave, boat wake and the owner’s transmitted wave criteria. The system reduces the wave action entering a marina basin, creates additional mooring areas and permits tidal flow, thereby enhancing the marine ecology of the marina, the company stated.

Bellingham Marine also replaced the marina’s wooden floating docks with a Unifloat floating concrete system. The Unifloat system is stable and won’t rot, burn, splinter, corrode or rattle, reported the company.

Greenwich Bay Marina has 500 slips and features a restaurant, pool, spa-like bathroom facility and a new laundry area with lounge. The full-service marina provides inside, outside and wet storage, as well as boat hauling up to 60 tons.

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