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Pumps serve many purposes on boats of all sizes, whether it’s a small bilge pump in a fishing boat or a pump that regulates water flow through sinks and toilets in the most expensive yacht. They, however, are not the most prominent features of a boat, and many manufacturers like it that way. To create the convenience and comfort that boaters are used to in other areas of their lives, many manufacturers are producing pumps that require little or no effort to operate, are silent during activity and are durable enough to handle all water needs.
“Without pumps, a boat doesn’t have water and it feels less like home for the boater,” said Ryan Sessler of Shurflo.
Shurflo, which has produced pumps since 1968, has been taking advantage of electronic innovations to increase the number of gallons that can flow through the system per minute. With its Extreme Series pumps, Shurflo hopes to give customers the water flow and pressure that they are accustomed to in their houses, Sessler said. During the past five years, Shurflo has expanded its product line by improving on everything from standard pliable water pumps to washdown pumps to filtration systems.
Jabsco is using new technology with its Dual Sensor Max VSD Water Pressure System. This system is able to maintain constant water pressure and temperature without a pressure switch. Jabsco is one of three marine industry brands owned by New York-based ITT Industries, a global engineering
and manufacturing company that had sales of $4.9 billion
in 2002. ITT’s other marine pump divisions include Flojet and Rule.
“We’re the market leaders,” said Bob Simonson of Jabsco. “I think that’s enough said.”
ITT Industries and Shurflo are two of the leading companies in the U.S. marine pumps and accessories market. Johnson Pump, which is based in Sweden, is another company that develops pumps.
Most manufacturers are using new electronic technology to create more efficient, compact and reliable pumps for their customers. Some of the innovations include float switches that allow bilge pumps to turn on and off automatically, sensors that monitor water pressure and motor speed, and improved circuitry that reduces power consumption and noise. The improvements in technology, however, do result in more expensive products. But the customer will get his or her money’s worth, according to Sessler.

Dual Sensor Max VSD Water Pressure System from Jabsco
The Dual Sensor Max VSD utilizes the newest technology in electronic controls and circuitry to eliminate pump cycling and water hammer, and to reduce power consumption and noise at low flat rates. It has a positive displacement diaphragm, four-chamber pump design with a built-in hall-effect pressure transducer, which allows for a steady water flow while operating at a constant 30 psi with true sensor-regulated water pressure. The system is self-priming, can run dry without damage and may be located up to 5 feet above the fresh water tank. Contact Jabsco 949/609-5106 or

Sport Fishing Combo-Pack from Jabsco
Jabsco now offers a Sport Fishing Combo-Pack that handles livewell and washdown to ensure that bait is lively and decks are clean. The pack comes with an automatic washdown kit as well as a washdown hose that is self-priming and handles a capacity of 3.5 gallons per minute and 4.3 gallons per minute. The combo-pack also includes a livewell/aerator system that has two ports. The livewell/aerator pump screws directly onto the sea-cock thru-hull and also includes a port for the washdown pump, which allows for easier hookup. The pack has been designed to withstand harsh marine conditions: it includes new triple seal motors to eliminate leakage and corrosion. Contact Jabsco 949/609-5106 or

Extreme Pump: the Smart Sensor 5.7 from SHURflo
Customers wanting water flow like at home now have a choice from SHURflo called the Smart Sensor 5.7 from the Extreme Pump series. This pump delivers more than 5.5 gallons per minute and pressures up to 65 psi. It uses an electronic package that allows the pump to precisely monitor the system’s water pressure and adjust the motor’s speed, eliminating the need for a pressure switch. The pump also operates silently at any flow condition. Features include a five-chamber design, large inlet and outlet valve passages, automatic voltage protection and current limiting at 10 amps maximum. Contact

Phiranha 357 Series Bilge Pumps from SHURflo
The 357 Series Bilge Pumps offer durability and reliability with their high-density nylon housing and heavy-duty water-cooled motor. The design, which is ignition protected, includes a stainless steel shaft, shaft seal and removable cartridge. It also features solid state controls, a manual test feature, remote or direct mounting and a tinned 6-foot wire assembly.

PEXtite Plumbing System from Flojet
Flojet is offering the PEXtite Plumbing System for easy installation and reliable tubing. Made from Polysulfone, the fittings are resistant to heat expansion and contraction, chlorine and salt water. The connection is an easy, two-step process in which the tube is cut to the exact length needed and then the fitting is pushed onto the tube. It is permanently attached, and may only be removed if the lock clip is released and the collar is depressed. Contact 949/859-4945 or

Spongeability from Rule Industries
Automated Bilge Pumps from the Rule-Mate series feature a pump and a non-contact, mercury free float switch in a single, compact housing. When the float rises, the pump begins to turn on, but it will delay its activation for two seconds to eliminate false starts. When the float drops and the pump senses load against the impeller, the shut off phase begins. The pump will remain on for 15 more seconds, allowing it to take the water level from three-fourths of an inch to about three-eighths of an inch. Contact 978/281-0440 or

Thirsty-Mate from Beckson Marine
Beckson Marine’s line of Thirsty-Mate portable hand pumps can be used for onboard water removal or for jobs at home. The 124 and 136 models, which were certified by the Marine Testing Institute, are made of polyvinyl plastic and have a self-priming, self-lubricating plunger and removable foot valve assembly for easy cleaning. They are also bonded to maintain watertight seals and positive suction. A check valve allows water to be pulled in, but prevents it from draining out.

Automatic bilge pumps from TRAC
TRAC has introduced the Auto800 and Auto1100 automatic bilge pumps. The pumps have an internal electronic float switch and are made of high-impact ABS plastics with marine grade wire and stainless metal. All internal wire terminations are caulked and sealed. The pumps connect to traditional on/off/auto panel switches. Contact 615/309-8123 or e-mail

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