RBFF and Discovery Education team up for ‘Explore the Blue’

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and Discovery Education are collaborating on a program designed to generate interest in boating, fishing and the outdoors.

The program, Explore the Blue, is an educational resource for parents and teachers filled with information designed to engage students K-5 in a dialogue about the importance of outdoor recreational activities. The RBFF is building on its successful Take Me Fishing campaign from 2010 for their new campaign with Discovery Education.

The Explore the Blue website features sections that provide information for teachers and parents, as well as a section for students with an interactive game about biology and fishing.

Along with the new website, Explore the Blue will also distribute a public service announcement aimed at students and families with messages about protecting natural resources and generating interest in outdoor activities like boating and fishing.

“The Explore the Blue program not only raises awareness about conservation education, but it also instills in young people a desire to engage in outdoor activity as a means of protecting our environment,” said Discovery Education Vice President of Education Partnerships Mary Rollins.

Discovery Education will also be holding events to help acclimate teachers to the information and materials available on Explore the Blue.

Take Me Fishing and Discovery Education will be at the National Science Teachers Association Conference from Nov. 10-12 in New Orleans, La., as well as holding an in-school event at Charles Barrett Elementary in Alexandria, Va., to help introduce and familiarize teachers with the information available on the website.

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