BoatUS releases trailerboat hurricane safety tips

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) recently released a checklist of tips for owners of trailerboats to protect their boats from damage that can be caused by hurricanes that move inland.

BoatUS suggests that boat owners do the following things to protect their boats and trailers from damage:

  • Do a trailer check-up: Inspect your trailer to make sure everything is in good working order before you absolutely need it.
  • Plan your escape: Map out the route you plan on taking when the hurricane is on its way.

And when the storm strikes:

  • Take it home: Start by removing loose gear from your boat and trailer, including cushions and fenders, along with any electronics or gear that may be left in the boat.
  • Put the boat in the garage: the boat should take precedence over cars in the garage, because they are lighter and more vulnerable to damage
  • Tilt it: Remove the transom and any drain plugs, so that any water that enters can drain through scuppers or the drain hole
  • Strap it: Secure the boat with line or straps. Securing it to ground anchors adds extra protection.
  • Fill it up: For small outboard boats and paddle craft, place them on the ground and fill with a small amount of weight.
  • Remove the bimini: Take down the bimini. Trailerable sailboats should have their masts lowered, lashed down, and any sails removed. Covers should be installed with extra line
  • Take it off the lift: Boats should be stored ashore or in a safer location in the water whenever possible. If a boat must be on a lift, make sure plugs are removed so that water can drain, it is tied securely to the machinery to prevent swinging, the engine exhaust is plugged, and the boat is clear of gear and other items.

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