Boat donated to children’s program

SALEM, Mass. — A citizen donated a $45,000, 34-foot Webber Cove power boat to the Sail Salem community boating program.

The boat, named Thomas Brown after its benefactor, will be used by Sail Salem: a program that makes sailing affordable and accessible to young people. The program charges a nominal $1 per week for lessons.

“This (boat) is a key component to what we do — building a community boating program,” Dave Smith, a co-founder and president of Sail Salem, said in the Salem News. “It’s going to help us reach out to those who are economically challenged and get them on the water.”

The boat christening took place at the Dion Yacht Yard where Browne has stored the boat for many years. Yacht yard owner Fred Atkins is on the board of Sail Salem.

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