Peters & May, Lucas Oil to promote children’s books

SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom — A new series of books revolving around racing have been created for children and teens by Lucas Oil, US-based engine oil leader, and Janet Wilson, freelance writer/producer and racing manager, with assistance in the online program through Peters & May international shipping leader.

The series of the books called “Lucasville Legends” were developed to assist a special group, “reluctant readers.” The online versions are narrated by the racers so users can incorporate both listening and reading skills while the hard copy versions provide additional reinforcement of the written word and reading repetition. Peters May Racing sponsors the “Read Along” program which provides an online “sneak peek” into each book as an incentive to buy the book to read more.

Lucas Oil took interest in reluctant readers as part of its “giving back” to the community and especially to youth who idolize racers and can look to them as inspiration.

“Everyone is very excited about these books, not only for their educational value, but also because of their broad reach– kids who read the books, parents who purchase them and the grandparents who may read the books with their grandchildren,” said Wilson.

The creators also believe the original series of four books will become collector’s editions, then grow with popularity. The first are on Morgan Lucas, NHRA Top Fuel drag racer, Heidi Steele, off-road racer, Michael Wiskus, stunt plane flyer and Nigel Hook and Michael Silfverberg in the SilverHook.

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