RBFF gives grants to youth-oriented organizations

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Three national boating, fishing and conservation organizations that serve kids and families are the recipients of new education grants from the Recreational Boating Fishing Foundation (RBFF). The organizations – the Future Fisherman Foundation, the International Game Fish Association and the National Recreation Park Association – were awarded the grants as part of RBFF’s ongoing boating and fishing educational outreach and youth engagement efforts.

“The three grantees are among the most dedicated organizations in the U.S. to the mission of inspiring young people to get outdoors and conserve our natural resources,” said RBFF Education Task Force Chairman Lynne Borden. “The Education Task Force knows that each organization will make full use of the grants as they develop opportunities to educate and engage with a whole new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who honor the angling and boating tradition.”

The Future Fisherman Foundation develops and directs national instructor trainings to assist state aquatic-education partners, parks-and-recreation professionals, community civic organizations and school teachers in acquiring hands-on training to implement fishing and aquatic-conservation education with their students.

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) provides students and teachers with a variety of activities including fishing clinics, live touch tank demonstrations, safe boating practices, casting, rigging and knot-tying demonstrations. IGFA has firmly established its Outreach Education Program in Florida and will continue to expand the program to other states.

The National Recreation Park Association (NRPA) brings resources to local communities through its park and recreation facilities across the country to ensure the future for active, healthy youth engaged in sport and the outdoors. NRPA will continue to expand its Take Me Fishing Initiative that builds and sustains fishing and boating programs with a focus on conservation.

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