John Wayne’s yacht nominated for historic designation

NEWPORT BEACH – Actor John Wayne’s private yacht “Wild Goose,” a refurbished former World War II minesweeper, is nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.

The boat is owned by Hornblower Cruises and has tried to maintain its historical integrity.

“We wanted to preserve the history of the vessel,” Chandler Bell, director of Hornblower’s marine operations, told the Orange County Register. “We felt the boat deserved it.”

The yacht underwent substantial renovation by the owner after Wayne, but there are still parts of his original boat including a mural in the Fireplace Room.

Hornblower nominated the vessel for a place on the National Register in 2010. It has received state approval and is awaiting national approval. The announcement on its designation is expected in August.

To read more about the yacht and see a photo slideshow, go to: John Wayne’s yacht

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