Marine Team takes on movie industry

FORT MEYERS, Fla. — Naples, Fla.-based Marine Team International has found a unique way to earn money in the boating industry: it’s established itself as a one-stop shop for Hollywood’s on-water filming.

The business and its owners were subjects of a Fort Meyers News-Press feature article.

The company is owned by New Zealand-native Lance Julian, 63, who also owns Cruise Naples, a sightseeing and fishing boat operation. Julian’s son, Harry Julian, is the marine coordinator, consultant and salvage master for the Marine Team.

Some of the company’s 45 film and TV projects include “The Hangover Part II,” where they found, modified and operated speedboats, coordinated the finale’s crash scene; organizing the high-speed boat stunt?in “Red”; and coordinating water scenes and transportation for “Survivor” in Fiji, the Cook Islands, Guatemala, Panama, the Amazon Jungle and elsewhere. They also coordinated the lifeboat scenes in “Titantic.”

The company has been in business for 17 years, but opened its Naples office nearly four years ago. They also maintain an office in New Zealand.

The Julians have a background in the salvage, tugboat and marine consulting business. They entered the entertainment business when Lance’s tugboat services were used for “Waterworld.”

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