Discover Boating sheds more light on new campaign

CHICAGO, — In a webinar Tuesday, Discover Boating expanded on plans for its new U.S. and Canadian campaign, titled Welcome to the Water. The campaign aims to tap current boat owners to help engage those new to boating, as well as to increase traffic to

The group said the effort is supported with online advertising, search engine marketing, public relations and social media. Discover Boating Canada will also feature a limited amount of television advertising in their mix. The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation’s Take Me Fishing campaign will partner with Discover Boating to leverage the reach of both campaigns.   

Campaign highlights for 2011 include: enhancements to the Discover Boating and websites, a new “Get off your doc” guide to boating, a Welcome to the Water Facebook invitation planner, and increased public relations efforts.

Click here to watch a recorded version of the webinar

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