U.S. Powerboating offers new training courses

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — U.S. Powerboating, an affiliate of U.S. Sailing, says it will offer educational resources to powerboaters that are designed to help hone skills.

Classes will be offered at sites nationwide and will include courses on safe powerboat handling; safety, rescue and race support boat handling; basic powerboat cruising; inshore powerboat cruising; night operation; and combination courses.

“The practical skills taught provide the beginning boater everything they need to know to operate a boat safely and with confidence,” Rob Crafa, a member of U.S. Sailing’s Community Sailing Council and a Powerboat Training Coordinator, said in a release. “Experienced boaters are also impressed by learning things the right way, correcting bad habits and discovering new tricks. The logical progression from classroom to dockside and on-the-water training has been developed over decades of experience and is supported by highly trained instructors with the latest training materials.”

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