Yachtgallery.com to offer administrative services for yachting industry

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Barbara Tierney, a 25-year veteran of the yacht brokerage industry, has taken a page from the real estate market and developed a yacht industry specific network of virtual assistants. 

Yachtgallery.com will offer e-mail marketing, administrative functions, help closing deals and other services.

“If you look at profiles within the 80-20 rule, you’ll see that the 20 percent who are doing 80 percent of the business, more than likely, have their own personal assistant,” Tierney said in a release. “Not everyone can afford to hire a full time personal assistant and even if they could, they probably don’t have enough work to justify hiring someone 40 hours a week.”

This is not the first time Tierney has looked to the real estate industry for inspiration. In 1999, Tierney developed a multiple listing system for the yacht brokerage industry, Yachtcouncil.com, which was modeled after Realtor.com. 

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