NMMA’s revamped CSI program offers new product research

CHICAGO – The National Marine Manufacturers Association has announced details of new customer and product research program that will be made available to all its members. The new research offering is part of a revamping of the NMMA’s longstanding Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) program.

“To fill a gap in independent product research within the marine industry, the NMMA has been working with its research partner, the AVALA Marketing Group, to formulate strategic and tactical plans that will assist consumers in making better business decisions about all marine products and all marine sales channels,” the group said in a release this week. “Additionally the new NMMA program will provide tangible benefits to consumers who participate in providing feedback on their satisfaction levels.”

For manufacturers, NMMA says the new research will provide upgraded real-time dashboard reporting of CSI data; net promoter reporting; industry prospect (pre-sale) satisfaction measurements; ongoing problems per 100 and product quality measurements; improvements to NMMA Quality Awards methodology; an NMMA Quality Awards Web site allowing consumers to find award-winner information and view corporate and product videos; consumer access to benefits and services; overall improved CSI marketing tools made available to every participating OEM.

“The NMMA has not only greatly enhanced our core CSI program but we have filled a much needed gap to provide OEM’s, small or large, essential research tools that were previously unavailable and at a cost that is affordable for all,” NMMA President Thom Dammrich said. “For the consumer, not only will they have the largest baseline of data ever available to make decisions on marine products, they will also be providing their feedback on thousands and thousands of interactions within our industry. This truly is the most complete measurement of every aspect of the boat consideration, buying and ownership experience.”

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