Dockwise Yacht Transport to merge with Yacht Path International

HAMILTON, Bermuda – Dockwise Ltd. plans for its wholly owned subsidiary Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT) to merge with Yacht Path International Inc., it reported in a recent statement.

The combination of Yacht Path with DYT will create an enterprise capable of transporting yachts of any size to any destination around the globe and broaden the scope of services to any client, from private owner and charter company to brokers and shipyards, the company stated.

Yacht Path will contribute its “Lift On/Lift Off” transportation for small to medium yachts up to 80 feet traveling aboard ocean-going cargo and container vessels. DYT will bring its “Float On/Float Off” transportation for large yachts up to 200 feet on its four submersible yacht carrier vessels. The combination of a reliable fixed schedule between cruising playgrounds and the ability to add extra voyages to new destinations with flexible tonnage will provide yacht owners with increased options for their travels, the company suggested.

For the year 2008 DYT delivered revenues of approximately $50 million, and Yacht Path revenues of almost $27 million, the company reported. At the end of 2008, DYT employed 30 staff, and Yacht Path had 11 employees. The signed letter of intent provides that, after successful conclusion of the due diligence investigation, the combination of the two businesses will be effected through DYT’s purchase of the entire issued share capital of Yacht Path. The Yacht Path shareholder group, including members of the current management team, will in that case receive an initial cash consideration of $3 million and a final payment of at least $9 million in 2012 subject to the achievement of performance targets for the combined business. It is the intention that current managers of both DYT and Yacht Path will take seats in the management of the new combination, Dockwise reported.

“The merger of DYT and Yacht Path is an exciting step in the evolution of a growing global niche market” said André Goedée, Chief Executive, Dockwise Ltd. “The current recession, while temporarily subduing demand, has not reversed the long-term upward trends in yacht transportation between cruising destinations. The unified company will be ideally positioned once favourable conditions return and Dockwise will enjoy significantly increased market share. Furthermore, the complementary market segments that each of the parties brings to the merger will deliver strong marketing synergies.”

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