The Landing School targets displaced workers

ARUNDEL, Maine — The Landing School is providing tuition support for displaced workers who want to re-train for a career in the marine industry by enrolling in the 2009-2010 school-year, it reported in a recent statement.

A grant from a private foundation has enabled The Landing School to offer unemployed and recently laid-off workers from all industries who qualify for financial aid the opportunity to train for a new career affordably, it explained. Interested candidates can apply for enrollment and financial aid immediately.

“We are very grateful to have received this grant money earmarked for displaced workers,” said Barry Acker, president of The Landing School. “As the economic climate improves, the marine industry will be in need of well-trained tradespeople to support its growth. The financial aid we can provide to eligible people now will foster experienced, productive workers ready to contribute to the industry next June.”

The Landing School offers five education and training programs designed to prepare students for careers in the marine industry. The Small Boats Program teaches contemporary and traditional wooden boat construction techniques. The Cruising Boats Program teaches modern wood composite boatbuilding. The Composites Program is a study in modern building materials through the construction of small composite boats and tooling. The Marine Systems Program teaches students to install, maintain and repair today’s increasingly complex boat systems. The Yacht Design Program provides the theory behind yacht design and the skills to put it into practice. Each program is a full-time, 10-month course. Many students spend one term at The Landing School and then begin careers in the marine industry; other students choose to take multiple programs over two or more years to develop a variety of professional skills, the school explained.

Each program has a maximum capacity for enrollment, and some programs may have already reached their respective capacities, the school reported. Prospective students should contact an admissions officer as soon as possible to inquire about availability of programs, it suggested. The financial aid is distributed based on need, eligibility and availability of funds. More information is available online at

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