BoatU.S. launches college database

ALEXANDRA, Va. – BoatU.S. has launched its Guide to the Boatiest Colleges in America, designed to help students find the top marine programs and extracurricular boating activities offered by four-year schools, it reported in a recent statement.

The guide premieres in the July 2009 issue of BoatU.S. Magazine along with a list of “The 25 Boatiest Schools in America” – those that offer at least three different accredited marine-related programs, both academic and extracurricular. Students can search the database by state or by program, such as Fisheries, Marine Engineering, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Sailing or Waterskiing, BoatU.S. explained.

“This is the information our adult members tell us they wish they had when they were headed off to college,” said BoatU.S. Consulting Editor Bernadette Bernon. “Now their teens have an easy way to find out how to continue boating, sailing or fishing and get a relevant, in-demand college degree at the same time.”

She added that BoatU.S. has found marine-based programs for students whose interests range from marine science and engineering to liberal arts as well as hundreds of teams and clubs that offer coaching and camaraderie from NCAA sanctioned waterskiing and sailing to competitive bass fishing.

“So even if a marine-related career is not the priority, students can still determine which schools will keep them boating or sailing outside of the classroom,” she stated. Scholarship information is also included.”

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