Chaparral, Robalo Boats launch marketing campaign

NASHVILLE, Ga. — Chaparral and Robalo Boats are launching a marketing campaign that spotlights the company’s financial strength, new product development, seasoned management team and well-established dealer network, according to a recent release.

“At Chaparral and Robalo we feel it’s time to shift focus from all the troubled economic news and send a confidence-building message to dealers and consumers alike,” company president Jim Lane said in the release. “We are a strong company that will not only weather this downturn, but see the 2010 model year as a time to gain market share.”

The company’s marketing slogan is “A Story of Strength and Stamina,” and the new marketing push draws attention to the company’s $51 million in cash assets, $110 million net worth and zero debt service. The campaign also highlights the company’s “strong, service-minded” dealer network.

“We’ve always said that the boats are the stars,” Lane said, “but given these challenging economic times, we feel people need to know the power behind the brand name … Now more than ever, the company and the dealer network that stand behind the name is key.”

The campaign will also focus on the company’s new product development, including the introduction of 10 new boats in the past three years and the planned introduction of five new boats in 2010.

“New sells,” Lane said, “and we’re determined to stay on the cutting edge of technology. In a down market, it’s not easy investing in new product development but we feel it’s the key to Chaparral and Robalo’s future success.”

Chaparral and Robalo are also supporting dealers with rebate and sales incentive programs.

“Factory support is key at this time,” according to Lane. “We’ve crafted rebate programs designed to spark retail sales.”

Chaparral’s “Story of Strength and Stamina” can be viewed here. Robalo’s here.

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