Intertape Polymer Group to support Grow Boating Initiative

BRADENTON, Fla. — Intertape Polymer Group will donate a portion of the proceeds from new sales of PG12 Marine Masking Tape to the Grow Boating Initiative “Rising the Tide Fund” throughout 2009, the company reported in a recent release. The Grow Boating Initiative is designed to increase participation in boating and improve sales of marine products and services.

“We are very excited to take part in this initiative that allows boat builders and our authorized marine distributors to get involved in supporting this very worthwhile cause," Cindy Stoner, IPG Market Manager, said in the release.

In addition to contributing toward the fund, Intertape will also provide tape audits and sample material at no charge to customers.

“In times such as these, we feel that it’s our responsibility to pitch in and contribute to an industry that has supported our products over the years,” Dean Blockowitz, Intertape VP of Industrial Sales, said in the release.

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