Commandant to give State of the Coast Guard address

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard Commandant is scheduled to deliver his State of the Coast Guard address on Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington. Adm. Thad Allen will outline the organization's goals and priorities for 2009, according to a recent release from the Coast Guard.

In the annual address, Allen will outline how even in this era of persistent conflict and with the current global economic situation, the Coast Guard is able to effectively safeguard the nation's maritime safety, security and stewardship needs, the release stated. He will also discuss the modernization of the Coast Guard and the need to recapitalize aging ships, aircraft and infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for Coast Guard services.

"The challenges and opportunities facing the Coast Guard are significant. However, the Service is well positioned to manage them both by utilizing a risk based approach across its many missions," the Coast Guard release stated.

A question and answer session will follow Adm. Allen's remarks. Advance questions can be submitted to the iCommandant blog at After the event, the text of the speech and video will be posted on the blog.

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