ABBRA releases 2008 Wage Rate Survey

WARREN, R.I. – The 2008 ABBRA Wage Rate survey has been completed and is now available, the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association reported in a recent statement.

“The survey is a powerful tool for employers to remain fair and competitive in the market, and for employees and independent contractors to access whether they are attaining the right compensation for their work,” the association stated.

The wage rate survey allows members to compares the salaries of their employees to others in the same region, and nationwide, across many job types. It contains information about hourly wages, average vacation time, benefits, and pension plans across a range of job categories including general manager, technician, store manager, rigger, dockhand and bookkeeper, according to ABBRA.

“The wage rate survey is a particularly important resource in today’s economy, when many employers may be considering whether or not they have to cut jobs or salaries in the future,” the association stated.

The survey was based upon the input of ABBRA members and other members of the marina and boatyard industry who agreed to submit their wage, benefit and skill level information through a questionnaire, according to the association.

The wage rate survey is available at no cost to all ABBRA members who provide data for the survey and $65 for those members who do not contribute data. The cost of the survey is $99 to all non-members.

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