Boat salvage crews clean up after Ike

GALVESTON, Texas — Salvage crews in Galveston worked over the weekend to move hundreds of boats that were displaced by Hurricane Ike, according to an article in the Galveston County Daily News. Ike’s tidal surge left vessels in roads, yards, parking lots, medians and on the base of the causeway, the paper reports.

State authorities told salvage crews they had until yesterday to clear wreckage before it would be demolished.

The Daily News described the scene: “Vessels were trucked to marinas and placed atop blocks if it seemed they could be salvaged. If they were in good enough shape to stay afloat, salvage crews set them afloat. Most were so damaged that crews trucked them to yards and laid them on their sides so their owners could identify them and make insurance claims.”

The paper quotes Chris Cotter, who works for a nearby boat salvage company, as estimating that 25 percent of the boats on the island sank.

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