ACR Electronics reports record 2007 sales

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Safety and survival equipment manufacturer ACR Electronics, Inc. experienced record sales for its 2007 fiscal year, up 15.5 percent from fiscal 2006, the company reported in a recent statement.

Outdoor sales were up 87 percent, and North American marine sales enjoyed a 7.9 percent increase, according to the company. International and government sales, including the ACR Europe office, also reported increases in 2007.

In addition, ACR has introduced a new “The Science of Survival” theme for its line of marine, outdoor, aviation and military products,

“This is a year of change,” said ACR President Paul Frank. Despite a stagnant and difficult economy, fierce competition, rising costs and severe pricing pressure facing manufacturers in 2008, ACR continues to be committed to growth, according to Frank.

For example, ACR has launched “a company-wide Lean Initiative that will allow us to more efficiently design, build, purchase, market and sell our life-saving products with the ultimate beneficiary being the consumer,” he said.

The Science of Survival campaign is intended to capture and communicate the technology behind the quality that is the foundation of ACR’s reputation, the company said. It wants “to take better advantage of ACR’s position as the industry’s established leader, and to better convey to consumers its unrivaled standards and testing systems, its state-of-the-art, lean US manufacturing processes and its close relationship with Search and Rescue agencies across the planet,” according to the company.

This image makeover combines the new “The Science of Survival” theme with design plans for trade booths, packaging, advertising, sales materials and a more consumer-friendly web site with e-tail features, educational downloads and an online blog, the company explained.

Paul Hardin, vice president of sales and marketing, said the new look will be worked into ACR’s overall marketing plans through the course of the next year.

“Consumers will begin seeing these new initiatives on the store shelves, in the media, in our brochures and on our web site over the course of the next several months,” said Hardin.

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