AGYG partners with Global Yacht Builders

ANNAPOLIS, Md. and FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – American Global Yacht Group and Global Yacht Builders have recently entered into a partnership, AGYG said in a statement yesterday.

Taiwan-based GYB contracted AGYC to provide dealer representation for on of its models, the GLOBALarrow68, on the East Coast. Conversely, AGYG will be able to execute custom builds through GYB’s manufacturing facilities in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, according to the agreement.

“AGYG has great experience bringing custom and semi-custom projects to delivery and great loyalty from customers,” said Bruce Livingston, GYB chief operating officer. “Our Hunt-designed motoryachts broaden their range of offerings and fit nicely into that array.”

“We particularly like Taiwanese-built yachts for their craftsmanship and value,” said Trey Beasley, AGYG partner. “So, that’s one region in the industry where we have chosen to focus. The Global Arrow Express and Flybridge yachts certainly live up to that standard.”

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