Viral video series hopes to lure more anglers

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A new series of viral videos were launched this week on in hopes of luring more people to the sport, the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, which developed the videos, said in a release yesterday.

The video series – called "Master Casters" and created by RBFF's ad agency Colle+McVoy – can be seen on or

Seven different videos show Gary Hain, Chuck Devereaux and Aaron McAlexander performing casting tricks rarely seen before, like casting a line to crack an egg 50 yards away and hitting clay pigeons in mid-air.

"We're proud to launch the Master Casters videos this week on," said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. "We hope these amazing casting tricks will help draw newcomers into the sport and to our newly re-designed Web site, where anglers of all ages and experience levels can learn, plan and equip themselves with everything they need to go boating and fishing."

The viral videos will be featured in online advertising and in a commercial running on ESPN television. They are part of an integrated Take Me Fishing campaign, which centers around

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