AOC to increase prices in U.S. and Canada

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. – AOC, LLC will increase prices on all resins, gel coats, pigments, colorants and additives US$0.10/lb. for the United States, and CN$.22 per kilo for Canada, effective for all shipments on and after June 30, the company reported in a release this week.

AOC said the increase will help offset escalating raw material and energy price increases and cited the skyrocketing price of oil as one factor. The company also said natural gas inventories have declined due to a cold winter in North America.

“[Natural gas] demand in the Petrochemical Industry remains high as it continues to be the feedstock of choice,” AOC wrote in its release. “This low supply/high demand situation continues to put upward pricing pressure on raw materials for UPR resin manufacturing.”

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