Bass Pro Shops partners with RBFF

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Recreational Boating Fishing Foundation has partnered with Bass Pro Shops to promote the Anglers’ Legacy program, RBFF said in a statement yesterday. Titled “The Pledge to Preserve the Legacy,” the promotion will encourage customers nationwide to share their love of fishing and introduce a newcomer to the sport.

Bass Pro Shops, who signed on as an Anglers’ Legacy Program Partner in 2007, will expand its efforts in 2008 through launching the promotion during its Spring Fishing Classic event Feb. 29 - March 16.

In-store displays, flyers and public service announcements will encourage staff, customers and local fishing pros to take the Anglers’ Legacy Pledge, a promise to introduce at least one newcomer to the sport of fishing. Shoppers who sign up will receive a trophy fish poster to record details about their prize catch including date, location and weight. Anglers’ Legacy has collected more than 25,000 pledges since its inception in May 2006.

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