Tres Martin school gains another boatbuilder partner

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. – Nordic Boats has partnered with Tres Martin Performance Boat School, the two companies said in a joint statement Wednesday. With the purchase of a new Nordic Boat, a certified course at the boating school is included. This is the third such partnership Tres Martin has forged.

Nordic models that qualify for the course include the Nordic 47-foot Cyclone, Nordic 43-foot Catamaran, Nordic 42-foot Inferno and Nordic’s 34-foot Catamaran.

New Nordic owners will have the opportunity to learn from skilled professionals how to safely enjoy and maintain their new boat.

The session begins with covering the basics of boating safety and related equipment, from proper lifejackets and fire extinguishers to ignition stop switch lanyards. Topics include rules of the waterway, boat maintenance, occupant safety and a complete explanation of the dynamics of hull design. Time is spent on the specifics of trimming, tabbing, acceleration, deceleration, turning, wave and wake crossing and how to take corrective action in the event of a problem. On day two, the students get a first hand demonstration of everything they have learned in a real world environment. The students are shown how to operate essential equipment, conduct pre-launch checks, basic maintenance and potential problem areas. Then each student must properly execute all the performance fundamentals and complete maneuvers in their boats until they are able to demonstrate proper execution to the satisfaction of the instructors.

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