New arbitration group targets marine industry

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – A consortium of maritime attorneys has established the Maritime Arbitration Association of the United States (MAA), the group reported in a statement today.

The new nonprofit entity offers 25 locations in boating centers and ports from coast to coast for the resolution of maritime disputes. MAA arbitrators and mediators serve clients in both commercial and recreational sectors and have training and experience in maritime law, according to MAA.

“Maritime arbitration is simpler, faster and less expensive than litigation,” said MAA Executive Committee Chairman Thomas A. Russell. “It has been successfully used by consumers, businesses, governmental agencies – even the courts – and is recommended where confidentiality must be preserved, where the parties wish to avoid the time, expense and publicity of a court trial. Arbitration can resolve disputes locally, not abroad or in distant cities, by arbitrators who understand their industry.”

The MAA claims it’s the only national group specializing in arbitration and mediation in the maritime field.

“Engaging the MAA will assure maritime knowledge and experience is reflected in the process of resolving disputes,” stated the group. “And since arbitration and mediation bring differing parties together as opposed to keeping them at a distance, which is common in litigation, business relationships can often be saved or maintained.”

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