Brunswick Dealer Advantage promotes 20 Group involvement

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Brunswick Dealer Advantage will offer discounted rates for dealers who would like to participate in 20 Groups, Brunswick said in a press release yesterday. Spader Business Management facilitates the groups, which consist of up to 20 non-competing business professionals who share best practices, review financial performance and serve as sounding boards for their peer members.

“Our dealers have consistently asked for ways to learn from one another and to gain access to best practices in dealership management,” said Betsy Lazzara, Dealer Advantage director. “Participation in a 20 Group affords dealers the opportunity to do both.”

Brunswick Dealer Advantage Silver, Gold and Platinum level dealerships are eligible for discounted rates on group participation. The higher the dealership’s level in Dealer Advantage, the greater its savings.

“This is not a manufacturer driven program,” said Janel King, Dealer Advantage manager. “Dealers will interact with other non-competitive dealerships of similar size and volume. They will tour each other’s facilities and learn from each other’s real business situations. This is truly an investment in the dealership’s long-term profitability and success.”

20 Groups address all aspects of business management— from broad, industry-wide issues, to more focused, department-specific topics. Each meeting consists of an agenda set by the group, with the selected topics addressing issues facing membership at the current time. Groups meet two to three times per year to discuss their businesses, exchange ideas and ways to increase profits by learning from each other.

“These are dealers learning from other dealers,” said John Spader, Spader President. “Advice seems to carry more weight when you are able to see, firsthand, how well something is working for someone else, doing what you do for a living.”

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