AMI and NASBLA to collaborate on safety and security

BURLINGTON, Vt. – The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) have signed a memorandum of understanding aligning the two organization’s efforts to strengthen homeland security and boating safety, they reported in a joint statement.

The signing took place on Monday, Sept. 10 at the NASBLA Annual Conference in Burlington, Vt. Jeff Johnson, NASBLA president and State Boating Law Administrator, Alaska Department of Natural Resources and AMI Operations Manager Brooke Fishel were on hand at the conference to sign the memorandum.

“The alignment between AMI and NASBLA will provide an important link the two organizations. NASBLA recognizes the significant contributions AMI makes to the recreational boating community and wants to capitalize on those efforts to broaden our boating safety and homeland security efforts,” said NASBLA President Jeff Johnson.

In the MOU, the organizations agree to work cooperatively to support each organization’s respective mission; work cooperatively to identify opportunities to strengthen both national and local collaborative efforts including fostering mutual support for NASBLA and AMI programs which impact boating safety and homeland security; explore, and when appropriate, jointly pursue projects mutually determined to be beneficial to America’s homeland security initiatives and the safety of the recreational boating public; work together in identifying and developing opportunities to recognize and promote the importance of securing America’s ports, marinas, and boating facilities; strive to maintain routine communications between each organization’s policy-makers and staff to promptly address concerns that may arise on homeland security issues and to keep each organization informed of policies, priorities, actions and other developments that might impact the parties’ relationship and/or their ability to support the broader homeland security agenda. These routine communications may from time to time include an invitation for each party to send a representative to attend the other organization’s respective governing board meetings.

“This MOU provides a great opportunity to take advantage of the interaction between boating law administrators, marina operators and the boating public to improve the communication required for securing our nation’s waters. Whether we are working on homeland security initiatives or boating safety, strengthening the relationship between these two groups will benefit waterfront communities and improve the boating experience,” said AMI Chairman Alex Laidlaw, CMM.

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