Discover Sailing DVD requests up 48 percent

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. – Orders for Sail America’s “Discover Sailing: The Ultimate Adventure” DVD have jumped 48 percent over the past year, propelled by increases in DVD requests through the Discover Boating Web site. From January through August, sailing prospects placed 5,576 DVD orders, Sail America reported yesterday.

The Discover Sailing public service announcement advertisement has been placed in high-visibility sailing trade publications, which has helped to fuel the increase in DVD orders. The ads include the Web site address and an 800 number to request the DVD. Sailing publications have donated public service advertising space to support the Discover Sailing campaign.

“Linda Klockner has been very generous in running Discover Sailing ads in SAIL and we would like to extend our appreciation to her,” said Jonathan Banks, Sail America executive director. “We would also like to give a heartfelt thanks to Soundings, and Elio Betty and crew for a full-page Discover Sailing ad in the September issue and to Sally Helme and her crew for their generous Discover Sailing ads in Cruising World.”

More than $90,000 in advertising space has been generated through the Discover Sailing campaign with full-page and fractional ads also running in mainstream publications, such as Men’s Health and Audubon Magazine with future editorial spreads scheduled this fall in The Robb Report and AAA Carolina’s GO Magazine.

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