MATES endorses Partners Standard Protocol

CHICAGO – The Marine Association for Technology Exchange Standards has formally endorsed the Partners Standard Protocol as a best practice model for the transaction standards supported by the initiative, MATES reported in a release today.

PSP is an agreement among original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket companies and dealer management system providers regarding the exchange of business transaction information, with a current focus on parts orders, pricing and availability checks, product registrations and warranty claims. Additional transaction types will be added as prioritized by industry users. PSP allows dealers to transact business with suppliers entirely from within their dealership management system.

“Marine and powersports dealers face many of the same technical and customer service challenges, and many even carry both product lines,” said MATES executive director John Warnik. “For some business transactions, agreeing on how to transport the information, handle security and authenticate users transcends vertical industries. PSP strives to be industry independent, but more importantly, inter-operable between all companies complying with the standard. MATES’ role will include communicating the unique needs of the marine industry to PSP development teams.”

“PSP is a finished standard that has been proven successful by those dealers and suppliers using it in the powersports industry,” said Eric Johnson of ADP Lightspeed. “Endorsement of PSP by the MATES board provides the marine industry with a complete communications solution that can be implemented in the shortest possible time. The implementation of PSP by MATES member companies shows the greatest promise of delivering better, more efficient information to marine dealers and the consumer.”

Originally founded by a small group of industry leaders, MATES is working to unite the marine industry by developing, implementing and supporting a common set of non-proprietary communication and data exchange standards. MATES’ ultimate goal is to create an environment where people and companies in the industry can focus on value-added activity by reducing IT burdens and eliminating system incompatibility, making it easier for companies to transact business with one another.

“Endorsing a proven standard like PSP allows us to more quickly help marine dealers and suppliers increase sales, improve product quality and deliver better customer service,” said Tony Pimentel of Watch Captain. “Replacing the paper shuffle and manual processes for product ordering, registration and warranty claims will allow time for people to do more of what they want and less of what they don’t.”

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