Boater 101 and MRAA join forces for boating safety

WASHINGTON – Marine University’s Boater 101 and the Marine Retailers Association of American have joined forces to promote recreational boating safety and enjoyment, the two organizations said in a press release Monday.

Boater 101 President Susan Engle and MRAA President Phil Keeter signed a three-year memorandum of understanding at the American Boating Congress in Washington. The formal MOU agreement outlines individual and combined tasks and responsibilities for each organization. The joint promotion focuses on the Boater 101 program, a dealership-based, interactive boater safety education program provided at the point of sale throughout the United States.

Susan Engle, President of Boater101. “Our goals work in tandem with those of MRAA and our partnership will provide an excellent opportunity to expand boater safety education at dealerships across the country,” Engle said.

“MRAA has had a long history of encouraging consumers to become educated in the skills of boating,” Keeter said. “This MOU gives us the opportunity to direct those consumers to the premier program in boater education. We are encouraging our members to get involved with this program as an added benefit for their consumers.”

“We expect Boater101 to expand dramatically with the MRAA endorsement,” Engle said. “We are also currently offering any dealer or organization that links to our web site free access to our toll-free boating hotline.”

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